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The sun was high in the sky this friday 22 nd of June for our new visit to the bookshop “La librairie des voyageurs du monde”, 48 Saint Anne street. This time, after Mexico, then India, we are heading to Tunisia to discover the selection of Lundja handcraft.





Some serious and responsible ethnic chic concept



Besides her job as an architect, Ibtissem Saidane, one of the founder of Lundja, wanted to share the beautiful diversity of Tunisian handcraft and know how while adapting their use to a contemporary context. This new way of using of traditional technique gives these object a new life as for the “octopus trap” lamp in which nothing has been changed (but the octopus, which is not delivered with the lamp) or the collection of pillow and chairs design from ancient rugs, or killims from wedding package or margoums and giftas.

A taste for authenticity

These different pieces showcase technique from different region across Tunisia, all of them rich in history and know how. Behind every object a unique and precious raw material can be found along with the cultural history that goes with it as it is the case for foutah, the masterpiece of all Tunisian wardrobe to go to the hammam. This cotton textile, close relative of our common towel and beach clothe, brings a feeling of holiday, travel and happiness to the collection. Along with cotton, ceramics from local clay and tableware in olive tree wood can also be found in the collection. All together these pieces will bring a design mood and the perfect twist you interior deserves.


A desire to carry a project beyond decoration

When many pop up opening these days are mainly inspired by a taste for colors, exotic shapes or random discovery of a special fashionable handcraft, Lundja collection is built on a precise knowledge of Tunisian handcraft, their past and present use and the economic reality that goes with them. Two highlight in their collection perfectly translate this careful professionalism, far from any amateurism of others, these pieces are the alfa woven pieces and the ceramics from Sajnen.

The woven alfa pieces, made from a plant which fiber can be woven when still green, are originally from south west of Tunisia. These pieces are the achievement of H’ssir el Halfa  project, a group that aims to create workshop to train new weaver to help people, and especially women, to get to the work market  thanks to an ancient craft tradition. The baskets and carpet in alfa  though woven in a rough fiber will bring esthetic touch to your home. But beside the beauty of these pieces, the ethic dimension of this project was an important part of Lundja’s creators the decision to showcase these woven artefact helping to fight rural exodus.

Displaying the ceramics from Sajnen was also a strong commitment towards the protection of traditional know how inherited and preserved by a handful of women. Highlight of Lundja’s collection, these ceramics come from the town of Sajnen in the Kroumiri region. Lundja support of these ancient ceramics  production is not suprizing since it sheds light on a technique that is now a its way to be added to the intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO for 2018. As you know, this commitment to support ICH and the communities that live on it is (of course!) very close to our hearts. This is more than important knowing that for now Tunisia has no items on this very list.

At some point a foundation should be created to help women and their family find a stable way of living by working with all those incredible traditions explained us Ibtissem Saidane on that day.


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Our visit at the Pop up by Lundja was a beautiful journey for our eyes and souls. Seeing so much commitment, devotion and creativity confort us on our own committed path to a interior decoration closer to respectful traditions without being outdated. On our way back to our bloggers hut, colorful kilims patterns, ceramics reflection and warm perfume of the hammam were floating in our minds, helping us dream about a bright future.





Written by Margot


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