Two curators

It’s us two : Margot and Sarah.


Margot, passionate about textiles and ceramics, Silk Roads surveyor, armed with a solid experience in bazaar, markets and craftsmen’s workshops excavation, determined to bring back exceptional pieces, even if they do not always fit into my suitcase.  Dreaming of fabrics and carpet wonderland with still my feet firmly on the ground. Defender of the intangible heritage for UNESCO.




Sarah, camera in hand, ready to travel and discover cultures and stories. Determined to find little treasures in every corner and eager to present them in their best light once back home. Aficionados of animal metaphors, simplicity and matcha ice cream.



 One passion

We believe in the craftsman, in his millennial, centenary or recently-acquired know-how, his passion, his history and his talent. We defend the heirs of a living and sometimes fragile heritage that is in constant need of support. We are looking for faces, stories, personalities, shapes, sizes, colors, decorative arrangements. We want to get you closer to them and invite some soul into your home.


Your collection

We are determined to seek out, discover, present, defend, call, highlight all the wonderful pieces we will find that represent the highest quality of know-how. We want to make sure those pieces can find a home with you.  How you ask? By ferreting, talking, questioning, interviewing, meeting, watching, learning and traveling far sometimes too! The key is to go see the right people to give them a voice, to highlight their art, their collection and their know-how, which have nothing to do with the touristy souvenir shops.  Our expertise will be based on time, patience but especially on the personal exploration and travels to highlight the craftsmen, put them in the center.   


We are looking and searching for you, for us, for them.