A little bit of Turkey


As you might have seen on our Instagram, I recently had the chance to take a few days in a nice little corner of Turkey in the Balikesir area , more precisely in the small coastal town of Ayvalik. 




I fell head over heel for the beautiful landscape and scenery of this region, the narrow paved streets (responsible for taking off the soil of my shoes), the brightful atmosphere of the bazaar and the quiet peace of the old buildings. The sea is pretty much everywhere since you can take a glimpse at its shimmering blue from any corner of Ayvalik.I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go and try the local food on Cunda, a pretty island in the bay, where I took all the time I wanted to drown into this blue.





During my endless walking around the town, I discovered a lot of new handmade inspiration. Some of these woven baskets are now among my favorite,



especially if they are used with a mirror inside! I even had the chance to find beautiful and locally produced ceramics right at the guesthouse I was staying in.



Last but not least, I couldn’t avoid discovering the ancient culture and history of this former Greek region, starting with the famous and spectacular ancient site of Pergamon and ending with a visit to the equally spectacular but far less well known museums of Tartakushlar where traditional Turkmen yurts are exhibited.


Yesterday, when I arrived in Paris, the rain was waiting for me. But between the raindrops my last impressions of Turkey remained vivid and unchanged.



See you soon, 

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Written by Margot

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