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On a beautiful sunny Thursday, May 24 we took a walk and meet with Marie Petri Guasco. She was holding her first ever pop up store for her brand Terre Ourika at 38 rue de Babylone , Paris (France).

Past the beautiful facade of the Lutetia Hotel and slaloming between the tables filled with people on this sunny day, I arrived at 38 rue de Babylone in front of a nicely decorated window where a colorful and shimmering basket welcomed me. Above the front door in golden letters the word “POP UP STORE”. I’m in the right place!

It was like entering an old family home full of still life paintings, faded marines and Norman cupboards. I discovered several very cozy stands and in the corner on the right near the window, the Pop-up store of Terre Ourika which exuded an oriental atmosphere.

Everything looks great, especially the small selection of Berber rugs, so soft to the touch. Their ample and thick texture makes you want to plunge your fingers into the flexible fiber of the carpet. I particularly love a beautiful carpet azilal (see photo) whose colors and geometric shapes appeal to me at first glance.

Azizal carpet

On the table a set of ceramics is living harmoniously with small mirrors, golden brass goblets, scented candles and woven baskets.

In the background lighter textiles, plaids, bath towels made of Egypt cotton and a beautiful set of baskets made out of braided palm and raffia. It was a beautiful sight !

Marie, creator of the brand Terre Ourika and lighting designer explains to me that she recently wanted to complete her collection with a set of Moroccan handicrafts. The choice of Morocco was not left to chance since Marie goes there regularly (almost 6 to 7 times a year). During these trips she developed a taste and a keen eye for Moroccan craftsmanship, which she brought back before deciding to share her passion with the greatest number and for a reasonable price.

Delighted with this discovery, I look forward to introducing you to Terre Ourika in an interview article in June. Moreover, if you miss this pop up (which would be a shame), know that the next one will take place in June, on Beranger street in Paris. No more excuses!


See you soon for new adventures in carpet and raffia hair,



Margot pour My Craft Curator


Pop up store Terre Ourika, 38 rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/terreourika/

Site internet:https://www.terreourika.com/




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